Brilliant idea: VMware Hosted Beta

BetaDuncan Epping rather unceremoniously published a blog post “New Beta Program offering: VMware Hosted Beta” yesterday, outlining the availability of the new hosted beta offering that companions some of the current VMware beta programs.

Due to the very NDA nature of the beta programs, I can´t really go into details on what is currently offered, but what I can say is this: Well done VMware!

The VMware Hosted Beta runs on the same engine that runs the VMware Hands on Labs Online – Beta, but with a little added twist. You connect to the hosted beta through a web interface, before the actual connection is handed over to a locally installed VMware Horizon View client. This works very well, and I got to play around a bit with it a bit yesterday.

The idea of a hosted beta like this really resonates with me, as one of the major time sinks when it comes to actively participating in betas is the physical setup of a lab environment. As I am currently without a properly powerful lab, something that will change very soon I hope, getting hosted beta access could not be more welcome.

This way I get to dip my toes in the beta offerings, without having to procure the required hardware. While I don´t think the hosted beta replaces the need for a dedicated physical lab, it sure does work as an excellent stop-gap in the mean time. It also means that you can jump in and out of various pieces of the beta, without having to spend a lot of time configuring an environment from scratch. In addition, this also means that you can get a working environment set up in a matter of minutes, and all you need is love an internet connection.

Of course, VMware does not want everyone to run all their beta testing in this environment, they need feedback on installation and configuration issues in “real world” scenarios as well as plain old feature testing in a controlled environment, but this is a very welcome addition in my mind.

Kudos to the HoL and Beta teams at VMware, this makes my day so much easier and I am sure it will also help them in getting better feedback from us beta testers.

Backing up vCenter DB with Veeam B&R 6.5

It´s a well known problem that with Veeam Backup & Recovery Replication 6.5, and earlier, backing up the SQL server that hosts the vCenter DB poses a problem. KB1051 VSS for vCenter outlines the issue well, and provides a workaround.

If you experience this problem, you will see entries like this in your Veeam B&R backup logs:

Veeam vCenterDB Backup Error
Veeam vCenterDB Backup Error

The workaround provided by Veeam is to create host VM-Host Affinity Rules, effectively pinning a VM to a given host, and then perform the VM backup through the host rather than through the vCenter.

While this might be a way to work around the failed backup scenario, it effectively limits some of the flexibility you have in a virtualized environment. I want to have my VMs roaming around my datacenter utilizing DRS, and by pinning the VM to a given host that flexibility is reduced for the VMs in question.

I can appreciate why this issue appears, and why the workaround works, but frankly there has to be a better way of doing this. Hopefully this issue will be sorted in the next v7 version of Veeam B&R, as there certainly are ways for Veeam to work around the issue and make this a more seamless experience for the backup administrator.


Why not create a new option in the backup job, where you define that this particular job should run through a host, instead of the vCenter?

If selected, Veeam B&R would query the vCenter for which host the given VM resides on, then connect to the host itself and perform the backup through that?

That way we could work without having to set VM-host Affinity Rules, yet still keep vCenter out of the loop when the actual backup is performed.

Doing such a query is pretty easy,  below is an example using PowerCLI:

[cc lang=”powershell” width=”95%” theme=”blackboard” nowrap=”0″]
Get-VMHost -VM dbserv | fl -Property Name
Name : esx02


This simple query returns the host that the given VM resides on at the given time, why not do something like this inside of Veeam B&R to make sure that vCenter DB backups work, without having to resort to VM-Host Affinity Rules?

Preserve your Veeam B&R Backups Jobs when Moving vCenter

This week I´m working at a client site, upgrading their entire existing vSphere 4.1 infrastructure to vSphere 5.1. The customer engagement also includes upgrading Veeam Backup and Replication 6.0 to 6.5, and usually an isolated upgrade of Veeam B&R is a no-brainer next, next, next, done install.

To complicate things in this particular environment, I also had to migrate the vCenter SQL DB from a local MS SQL Server 2005 Express instance to a full-fledged MS SQL Server 2008 R2 instance.

Of course, it was also decided to move the vCenter installation from a physical server, to a VM in the same operation.

To be able to have an exit path, until the vSphere 4.1 hosts management agents, were reconfigured, a new vCenter VM was created with a new IP-adress and server name.

After the migration from vCenter 4.1 to 5.1, and from physical to virtual was completed, the existing Veeam B&R server was upgraded to the latest 6.5 release.

Now, this is where things started to get a bit interesting with regards to the existing Veeam B&R backup jobs.  As far as it was concerned, the new vCenter was unknown and the old one was no longer anywhere to be found on the network.

If you add the new vCenter to the Veeam B&R server, you will need to either redefine all the existing backup jobs by adding the same VM from the new vCenter to the existing job, and keep the old one around until your retention period has passed (and have it fail on the existing VM object until it´s removed) or you will have to recreate all the jobs pointing to the new vCenter instance and start new “first time backups” for all the VMs.

For some reason you simply can not rename/redefine your vCenter connection inside of the Veeam B&R GUI.

Thankfully there is an easy way to work around this issue, without having to mess about with the Veeam B&R database: Create a DNS alias!

That´s right, the solution was that simple. I created a DNS CNAME  alias pointing the old vCenter network name to the new vCenter network name. After doing that, I had to re-enter the credentials for the vCenter connection in Veeam B&R to force a reconnect, and all of a sudden all existing backups jobs where present again and working as intended.

The reason this works, is that when you change the vCenter name and/or IP address (or even move it to a new server) it does not change the VM identification number (vmid) or Managed Object Reference (MoRef), in essence the VMs stay the same and Veeam B&R can continue managing them as before.

Now, can we please get an option to update the registered vCenter name in Veeam Backup & Replication v7.0?


Check out Veeam vCenter Migration Utility for a small utility to help you move Veeam B&R jobs after replacing your vCenter.