Can Microsoft really be Fair and Balanced?

Microsoft has launched Virtualization2, a program to educate VMware administrators on  Hyper-V and the System Center suite of tools. In short, these arefree online training sessiosn on November 19th and 20th, that also comes with a voucher for their new Microsoft virtualization certification exam (74-409).

This comes in addition to their existing Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals Jump Start training course.

I think this is a good idea, and if you are able to close your eyes to the hyperbole, and disregard things like “Microsoft Wants to Help VMware Experts “Future-Proof “ Their Career“, I applaud this initiative.

However, if the training content is based on Microsofts own (flawed) vSphere vs Hyper-V & System Center comparisons (see Calling Out the Phony War: vSphere & Hyper-V for a detailed analysis), the training offered has little to no value.

Vendor training is, and always will be, like Ed Grigson mentioned on Twitter, inherently biased by nature.

In this case, the level of both hyperbole and bias is what defines the quality of the content presented. If Microsoft manages to focus on their own product, seen from the perspective of someone who has experience with VMware vSphere, without resorting to over-the-top bias towards Hyper-V, this will be a valuable resource for lots of people, myself included. If not, well, it will just be added to the list of flawed marketing tactics that really is of little to help anyone, Microsoft included.

Header photo is (c) D Sharon Pruitt and used under permissions granted by the CC license.

Brace Yourselves: Top vBlog 2014 edition is coming

pbg44Eric Siebert has just announced the preliminary details for next years Top vBlog vote. This time around it is sponsored by Veeam, and there are even prizes to be won, not only the notorious fame and fortune that comes with being voted in the top percentile.

Thanks again to Eric for putting all of this together, there is a lot of work involved and the community really values the effort.

Note to self: Remember to actually nominate yourself this year, it might actually make a difference.

Check for OS X Updates Automatically

Yeah, I admit it. I want OS X Mavericks, and I want it now.

Unfortunately, it´s not available yet from Software Update. So instead of manually checking every 5 minutes or so, I decided to create a small bash script that does it for me.

It´s very, very simple, but I think it does the job:

First off, pop into Terminal and get root access:

[cc lang=”bash” width=”100%” theme=”blackboard” nowrap=”0″]
h0bbel::h0bair { ~ }-> sudo su –

Then create a small bash script, I named mine, that contains the following:

[cc lang=”bash” width=”100%” theme=”blackboard” nowrap=”0″]
while true
softwareupdate -l
sleep 60

Change it to be executable by running
[cc lang=”bash” width=”100%” theme=”blackboard” nowrap=”0″]
chmod +x

Then run the script, to have softwareupdate run over and over again (60 seconds after it completes) until you break it with ctrl-c

[cc lang=”bash” width=”100%” theme=”blackboard” nowrap=”0″]
h0bair:~ root# ./
Software Update Tool
Copyright 2002-2010 Apple

No new software available.

At least I now get warning once it´s available. I can has Mavericks nao?