Developer meets PowerCLI – awesomeness ensues

A couple of days ago, while I was at VMworld Europe I got the following tweet from Asbjørn A. Mikkelsen (@neslekkim) (translated from norwegian):

@h0bbel Do you know if I can script something against vCenter to duplicate (or create from template) VMs, and also start/stop them?

My immediate response, was of course to suggest using PowerCLI. Asbjørn, who works as a full time developer, jumped at PowerCLI immediately and within a very short time frame came up with a PowerCLI script for the task at hand.

You can download the script and play around with it, if you want. Inline documentation is in Norwegian, and if Asbjørn had intended to redistribute the script I’m sure he would have optimized it more than the current revision.
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VMware Partner NetworkNow that the VMworld events are over for 2010, I’m still trying to digest a lot of the impressions I’ve had over the past few days.

However, I do have a couple of suggestions I would like to voice:

  • Add contact information to the attendee badge!
    Just like David Owen (@vMackem) suggested, adding Twitter ID and blog link to the attendee badge would make it easier to keep track of everyone you meet up with. I would even take it a a step further, and actually add a QR code with the contact info in it directly to the badge. That way, we could all run around and scan each other! (Not as dirty as it might sound!). No more need for business card exchanges, business cards you eventually lose anyway.
  • Lab availability at the event
    I’ve mentioned that I want the labs extended to year round online availability in all it’s cloudiness, but how about giving attendees the possibility to run the labs from their own computers while at VMworld? Thanks for that idea, gcballard!

VMworld Europe 2010 – The aftermath

VMworld 2010I’m back home again, after spending the better part of this week in Copenhagen, attending VMworld Europe 2010.

Let me just say, straight off the bat, that attending VMworld is probably the best idea I’ve had in years. In reality, that’s not saying much, but the value of attending is immense.

The way VMworld is organized, with lots of simultaneous sessions, labs and other activities is both a challenge and a blessing. It’s a challenge in the sense that you need to plan your schedule pretty well and really take control over your own experience. The blessing is that you’re not locked into a predetermined path, and you can re-arrange your schedule at any time if you wish to do so. And trust me, you’ll plan one thing and probably end up doing something completely different in the end.
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