Awesome: Nordic VMUG Conference 2014

Last year I was lucky enough to get to travel to Copenhagen and visit the Nordic VMUG conference. Sadly it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to make it this year, but don’t let that stop you! While we in Norway are still trying to get our local VMUG up and running, more news on that in a very short while, the danish VMUG is really the driving force and the leading star for the rest of us in the nordics.

Last years conference was awesome, and the 2014 edition looks no different. A quick glance at the agenda shows a bunch of familiar names:

  • Frank Denneman, PernixData
  • Kamau Wanguhu, VMware
  • Duncan Epping, VMware
  • Raymon Epping, Nutanix
  • Chris Wahl, Ahead
  • Paudie O’Riordan, VMware
  • Cormac Hogan, VMware
  • Shawn Bass, VMware
  • Hugo Phan, Atlantis Computing

The topics range from NSX, VMware vSphere futures, various storage topics, backup, security and flash acceleration. All in all, the line up and topics look great, seems that once again is creating their own mini-VMworld in Copenhagen. It’s once again held in the Bella Center, the same venue that hosted VMworld EMEA back in 2010, when everyone complained about the cold weather and high prices.

So, if you can, go register now.

I can guarantee you that you will not regret it, and I really wish I could join in this year as well.Perhaps next year, and I might even have a speaking slot then, who knows…



VMware Forum 2012 Oslo

Just like last year, I got up really early and caught a 06:40 am flight from Bergen to Oslo to attend the VMware Forum. A couple of things have changed since the last time, one of them being the venue.

This time around it was held at Ullevaal Business Class, and the venue itself worked great for a one day conference like this, divided into three sections, two for parallel sessions and one for the exhibitor area.

One of the other changes from last year, is that I now work for a VMware Partner, who was also a Platinum Sponsor of the event. This was my first event working for a partner, and I even had booth duty! Talking with customers in a partner setting is quite different from being a customer yourself, so that was interesting in an of itself. Sadly this also meant that I missed most of the sessions, but I did manage to catch the keynote by Brian Gammage, VMware´s Chief Market Technologist.

I even got a “1-on-1” session with Mr. Gammage, accompanied with a couple of my colleagues from EVRY Consulting, which was really interesting to say the least. Listening to someone extremely knowledgeable and visionary, in a small non-speaking setting was an eye-opener with regards to how VMware sees the future of end user computing. Sadly I can´t go into details about it, but I´m confident that VMware has a strategy in the works that might just surprise more than a few people.

Unfortunately this “1-on-1” session collided with both Joel Lindberg´s and Lee Dilworth´s sessions, so I didn´t catch any of those, which in reality was the two sessions I was looking most forward to beforehand. Also, what´s up with scheduling both those sessions against each other, that sounds like a bit of bad planning from the organizing committee.

I did however get to meet both of them in the exhibition area, even if only ever so briefly. I also met up with both Vegard Sagbakken and Stein Willhelmsen from VMware, Mike Beevor from Whiptail and Linus Svensson from Veeam.

All in all I think VMworld Forum 2012 in Oslo was a step in the right direction compared to last year, but it´s still not a very technical event and I don’t´really think it is supposed to be. Perhaps my expectations for it last year were a bit high, and this year they might just have been a bit to low.

Oh, I even spotted Cody Bunch´s Automating vSphere with VMware vCenter Orchestrator book in the wild!

Tech Field Day #6 – Arriving in Boston

Yesterday I arrived at Logan International for Tech Field Day #6 in the greater Boston area. Christopher Wells had already arrived earlier in the day, and I was lucky enough to be picked up by Stephen Foskett at the airport and chauffeured to the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference center.

The travel itself was pretty uneventful, the only trouble I had was that when I landed at Schipol for transfer to the US flight, my boarding pass was nowhere to be found, and I don’t think I even received it when I checked in at Bergen Airport Flesland. At the self-service transit counters at Schipol I even got told, by the machines, that my reservation was non-existent. Of course, this was kind of troubling, but thanks to the very nice and service minded KLM employees at Schipol, that issue was quickly resolved and I was on my merry way. At least as merry as one can be when traveling transatlantic.

The flight from Schipol to Logan was incredibly boring though.Normally I have no problems sleeping while flying, but this time around I got the grand total of zero minutes of sleep on the entire trip. Add in the 6 hour time difference, and you’ve got one tired traveling vNinja on your hands.

Stephen and I met up with Chris Wells at the hotel, and went out searching for dinner. Stephen, who seems to know everything there is to know, and then some, about Boston and the surrounding areas, guided us to a local Indian restaurant where we got some great Thali.

After that we ended up at the Horseshoe Pub & Restaurant for some vTFDbeers! How many beers do they have on tap? Who knows, all I know is that it’s a lot!. I haven’t seen that many beer taps since I was at The Gingerbreadman in New York many moons ago.

As you can clearly see, the world has indeed survived the first ever meetup between the vSamurai and the vNinja. Meeting up with both Chris and Stephen was a real treat, and I can’t wait for the rest of the delegates arrive during the day, Tech Field Day 6: You look awesome.