Starting a VMUG

VMUGLast year, in November, the first ever meeting in VMUG Norway took place in my hometown of Bergen, and since then there has been meetings in Oslo, Trondheim and a second one in Bergen as well.

Getting the Norwegian VMUG up and running was a long process. I decided to have a go at it, and I spent a lot of time talking to people, thinking, planning and generally wondering how we could get it started and how to proceed. Some might say an inordinate amount of time, and they are right. I’m lucky to have talented and passionate people on board with me for this, this is not something I have done on my own. But, someone had to get the ball rolling.

It turns out, that all you need to get a VMUG running in your local area, is to arrange one. It is really that simple. Don’t over think it and don’t overcomplicate things. It really isn’t that hard, and honestly, it really doesn’t take that much effort either. Start small. A small venue, and a few people goes a long way.

Admittedly, the Norwegian VMUG is small in comparison to our Danish counterparts, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Sure, we can grow bigger and better, and of course we will learn and improve as we go along. I for one is really excited by the possibilities VMUG Norway has going forward, and I hope the attendees share our passion for growing the local community. If they do, I’m sure VMUG Norway is destined for success and growth.

If you plan on starting a local VMUG, just remember one thing: It is all about the U(sers), not the leadership or even the sponsors. Keep that in mind, and you’re ready to go.

VIP VCP Club 2012

VMware Norway held their first ever VIP VCP Club yesterday in Oslo.

What is VIP VCP Club?

This a new concept by VMware Norway, for certified VMware professionals, where the idea is to gather local certified VMware Professionals for a day of hands-on labs, specialized technical sessions and general community building.


Lee Dilworth
Juggling for the Crowd

The hands-on labs covered VMware Site Recovery Manager, vCenter Operations and Horizon Suite.

The event itself was great, especially the speaker quality! Sadly the hands-on labs had too little time allotted to them, making it was practically impossible to finish the labs in the timeframes given, but we did get to play around a bit!

Thank you VMware Norway in general, and Stein in particular, for making this a reality. I look forward to the upcoming events!

The VIP VCP 2012 Smurfs Group Shot
The VIP VCP 2012 Smurfs Group Shot (c) 2012 Stein Wilhelmsen