Hindsight is 20/20: Evaluating 2017

Keeping up with tradition (you thought I was going to say Kardashians there, didn’t you?), it’s time to evaluate 2017.

My list of goals for 2017 and the verdict is as follows:

  • Get that VCAP6-DCV Design exam out of the way
    Done and dusted (for 6.5 that is, not 6.0). I’ve also updated my VCP to 6.5, and I’m currently waiting for the VCAP6.5-DCV Deploy exam.
    Score: 10/10
  • AWS Associate Certifications
    Didn’t happen. Haven’t done any of these, nor really studied for any of them (yet). Other certifications or time sinks have completely eradicated these.
    Score: 0/10
  • Learn something new
    This one is hard to gauge, but 2017 has definitely been a learning experience in many ways. Not all that much tangible and measurable items here, bit I’ll still rate it as medium. This category needs to be easier to assess for 2017.
    Score: 5/10
  • Attend an industry conference
    VMworld 2017 in Barcelona was awesome, as I expected.
    Score: 10/10
  • vNinja.net
    Well, the In The Bag series didn’t last that long, which was one of the main goals. I have kept posting whenever I feel like it, without any pressure, and in total I’ve posted more in 2017 than I did in 2016. I have a theory as to why there isn’t as much technical VMware posts though, but I’ll keep that as a separate post for later. All in all, not bad.
    Score: 5/10
  • Photography
    I’m still not really happy with the amount of photography done in 2017, but I’m really happy with a few of the shots I did manage to take and publish. Huge improvement from 2016.
    Score: 8/10

As far as my more “soft” goals for 2017:

  • I need to get better at planning things out — I think I’ve managed to do this, to a degree. I’ve become much better at breaking larger tasks into smaller ones, and follow them through. Productivity is always an ongoing process, but I notice that compared to many I interact with, I seem to have a better grasp of the tasks I need to complete, and don’t forget nearly as much as I used to do. It’s an ongoing process, but I’m definitely moving in the right direction.
  • Clearer focus — Close correlation to the point above, but I’ve improved in this area as well.
  • Get more sleep — I still sleep less than I think I should, but it’s better than it has been for years.

All in all that gives me a personal score of 38 of a possible 60. Not quite what I wanted, but it’s an improvement of the 28 rating for 2016. One of the major categories did get a 0/10, which really puts a dent in the score. I should have put in a general certification category instead, that would have helped bring the score up as I did a few ones I didn’t plan on initially.

All in all, 2017 has been pretty good both professionally and personally. Now it’s time to breathe, relax and make sure 2018 will be even better.

Hindsight is 20/20: Evaluating 2016

Back in February 2016 I published my goals for 2016, and it’s time to review that list:

  • Shake things up a bit – Go big or go home.
    This one is easy, in April 2016 I moved from EVRY to Proact, with a clear mission statement: Build and develop Norways best SDDC team. As is always the case when changing positions and companies, a lot of time is spent on getting to know the new organisation but we’re getting there.
    More news on this in 2017, but things are looking good going forward. We’ve built a solid foundation in 2016!
    Score: 8/10 
  • Get VCIX certified
    This was a miserable failure. I sat the 3V0-622: VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Design Beta Exam in march, but failed it. It was close (I just recently got my score report!), but no sigar. Due to lots of other time consuming things going on in 2016, I’ve not had a second attempt at it yet.
    Score: 2/10 
  • Keep vSoup on track
    Another failure, 3 published podcasts in 2016, not even close to the monthly target. We’ve been doing the vSoup podcast since 2011, and a lot of things have changed for all three of us. Not sure how 2017 looks in the regard either.
    Score: 2/10

  • VMUG
    The norwegian VMUG is still healthy, but I haven’t been able to contribute as much as I’ve wanted in 2016, also due to time constraints.
    Score: 5/10

  • Attend an international industry conference
    I did get to attend VMworld in Barcelona in 2016, which was awesome after missing out last year.
    Score: 10/10

  • Code something
    Nope, not this year. Too much other stuff on my plate. I haven’t made any real code, but I’ve developed a lot of other stuff that will come in handy in 2017 (related to the top entry in this list), but nothing that really qualifies as code.
    Score: 0/10

So, all in all that gives me a personal score of 28 of a possible 60. Wow, that’s pretty bad. Not quite what I had in mind for 2016, but I’m very that my top-most item got an 8. That one should be weighted higher than the rest anyway.
Sure, I can “blame” some of the lack of progress on a few of these items on the role/employer change, but not all of it — some of it is purely a personal lack of ability to power through.

2016 has taught me a few valuable lessons:
  • I need to get better at planning things out, not just adding a todo item and thing that magically makes you more productive. Having a lot of todo items doesn’t really help, unless you plan out how to accomplish them. This is one thing I aim on improving in 2016; breaking bigger tasks into smaller ones to make them manageable and attainable.
  • Clearer focus. This ties into the previous point, but must get better at channeling energy into the tasks at hand, not on everything all at once. Set up time slots, and use them, for the tasks that needs to be done.
  • I sleep way to little, and that needs to change drastically.

Now it’s time to carve out and publish the plan for 2017. Let’s see if I’ve actually learned anything at all…