Goodbye 2011, you were great

Yes, this is YAEotYP, so if you’ve already read tons of them I apologize.

2011 – My personal view

2011 has been a steamroller of a year.The vSoup Virtualization Podcast got aired the first time, and we’ve recorded and published 19 full episodes in the inaugural year. I was awarded the vExpert title for the first time, and even got invited to Tech Field Day #6 in Boston.

In addition to this, I wrote a white paper for Veeam, was included in the Server Virtualization Advisory Board, joined Rick Vanover for a Veeam Community Podcast, and appeared in two video interviews.

One with Mike Laverick about the #VMTNSubscriptionMovement and one where Eric Sloof ambushed me with a camera while visiting Bergen.

Lots of exiting projects were started in 2011, including my PowerCLI based automation project for vessel installations, migrating from standalone ESX hosts to blade servers (HP c7000 + Virtual Connect/Flex10) in addition to the normal day to day operations and after 8 years at Seatrans AS, I handed in my papers, moving on to a new role for EDB ErgoGroup.

2011 Statistics

2011 was the first year this site existed, so I can’t really compare the traffic it has received with 2010, but based on the few months it existed in 2010 the traffic increase has been enormous.

2011 Facts

And that’s it for 2011. Personally 2012 looks even more promising, and hopefully my exposure to more diverse environments should be reflected back on the site as I’m certain it will spur more posts and more interesting discussions. See you in 2012, I think we’re in for a cracker.

Tech Field Day #6 – Arriving in Boston

Yesterday I arrived at Logan International for Tech Field Day #6 in the greater Boston area. Christopher Wells had already arrived earlier in the day, and I was lucky enough to be picked up by Stephen Foskett at the airport and chauffeured to the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference center.

The travel itself was pretty uneventful, the only trouble I had was that when I landed at Schipol for transfer to the US flight, my boarding pass was nowhere to be found, and I don’t think I even received it when I checked in at Bergen Airport Flesland. At the self-service transit counters at Schipol I even got told, by the machines, that my reservation was non-existent. Of course, this was kind of troubling, but thanks to the very nice and service minded KLM employees at Schipol, that issue was quickly resolved and I was on my merry way. At least as merry as one can be when traveling transatlantic.

The flight from Schipol to Logan was incredibly boring though.Normally I have no problems sleeping while flying, but this time around I got the grand total of zero minutes of sleep on the entire trip. Add in the 6 hour time difference, and you’ve got one tired traveling vNinja on your hands.

Stephen and I met up with Chris Wells at the hotel, and went out searching for dinner. Stephen, who seems to know everything there is to know, and then some, about Boston and the surrounding areas, guided us to a local Indian restaurant where we got some great Thali.

After that we ended up at the Horseshoe Pub & Restaurant for some vTFDbeers! How many beers do they have on tap? Who knows, all I know is that it’s a lot!. I haven’t seen that many beer taps since I was at The Gingerbreadman in New York many moons ago.

As you can clearly see, the world has indeed survived the first ever meetup between the vSamurai and the vNinja. Meeting up with both Chris and Stephen was a real treat, and I can’t wait for the rest of the delegates arrive during the day, Tech Field Day 6: You look awesome.

vNinja enables HA

I’m happy to announce that my fellow vSoup Podcast co-host Ed Czerwin is on board as blogger here on! This means that from now on you won’t just have to put up with the content of one virtualization admin, but two!

As all good vAdmins know, two is better than one, and it’ so much easier to build HA solutions around!

Welcome aboard Ed, glad to have you on!