Automatically Name Datastores in vSphere?

William Lam posted “Why you should rename the default VSAN Datastore name” where he outlines why the default name for VSAN data stores should be changed. Of course, I completely agree with his views on this; Leaving it at the default might cause confusion down the line.

At the end of the post, William asks the following:

I wonder if it would be a useful to have a feature in VSAN to automatically append the vSphere Cluster name to the default VSAN Datastore name? What do you think?

The answer to that is quite simple too; Yes. It would be great to be able to append the cluster name automatically.

But this got me thinking, wouldn’t it be even better would be to use the same kind of naming pattern scheme we get when provisioning Horizon View desktops, when we provision datastores? In fact, this should also be an option for other datastores, not just when using VSAN.

Imagine the possibilities if you could define datastore naming schemes in your vCenter, and add a few variables like this, for instance: {datastoretype}-{datacentername}-{clustername/hostname}-{fixed:03}.

Then you could get automatic, and perhaps even sensible, datastore naming like this:


And so on… I’m sure there are other potentially even more useful variables that could be used here, perhaps even incorporating something about tiering and SLA´s (platinum/gold/silver etc.) but that would require that you knew the storage characteristics and how it maps to your naming scheme when it gets defined. But yes, we do need to be able to automatically name our datastores in a coherent matter, regardless of storage type.  

After all, we’re moving to a model of policy based computing, shouldn’t naming of objects like datastores, also be ruled by policy, defined at a Datacenter level in vCenter?
(wait a minute, why 
don’t do the same for hosts joined to a datacenter or cluster?)


vSphere 5.5 Availability and VSAN Public Beta

As Eric Siebert has pointed out, the VMware vSphere release cycles are shortening.

While vSphere 5.1 could be seen as a bit rushed, especially in regards to SSO, when it was released, the shorter release cycles seem to work out pretty well.

This does make me think though; vSphere 5.5 is pretty much ready to be released to the general public, and the new VSAN component will be in a public beta at the same time.

Does this indicate that VMware might actually be moving to a more modular approach, with different release cycles for different components?

I can see how this works for “add-on” products like Horizon View, VDP and so on, but for “core” components like a new the local storage layer this is a new one.

Is this a new modular approach or is due to the fact that the release cycle this time around was too short to get VSAN included?

Or, perhaps is it as simple as Jason A Linden just suggested on Twitter; VSAN will be included in vSphere 5.5 Update 1?