VMware Fling: ESXi Embedded Host Client

I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I saw William Lam announcing a new VMware Fling called ESXi Embedded Host Client. Finally the day when we can get a local vSphere Web Client on a standalone host is here, and it’s not a moment too soon. This feature has been missing since ESX 3 and it’s VMware Infrastructure Web Access. For now, this is a Fling (which means unsupported and so on), but I really hope that this ends up being built-in to ESXi very soon — even on the free vSphere Hypervisor.

So, what does it look like? Well, to be honest it looks pretty darn awesome, and you know what? No Flash! Yes, it’s HTML5 baby!

VMware ESXi Host Client

If you are running ESXi 6, installation is as easy as installing a .vib (in ESXi 5.5 there is a workaround to get it running, highlighted in Williams post). So, give it a spin and make sure to provide feedback on the Flings site to help ensure VMware sees that we as users of their products want this feature to be core to vSphere in upcoming releases. Make your voice heard, and make sure the team who is behind this get the credit they deserve.


  1. I think its pretty funny that they put this out as fling and AFTER vSphere 6.0 is released. The reality is that they can’t really ever get rid of the C# GUI client until this type of functionality is inserted back into ESXi out of the box. Honestly, with as hard has they have been pushing people to use the web client for some time now you would have thought this would be a top priority for inclusion in ESXi 6. Seeing that they only just published it as fling seems to indicate that’s it still going to be a while before we can get free of the C# GUI client and that its not really a priority to get rid of the C# client for them.

    1. It’s hard to disagree with you, so I won’t. The thing is this; At least someone in VMware has made an effort to make this as a Fling. If people actually start using it, and actively tell VMware that they are, the odds of this being included as core functionality in a future update increases. So yes, it is a Fling, as yes, it should be core, supported, functionality. But consider this, the current Web Client is based on Flash – This fling is pure HTML5. That says something, doesn’t it?

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