No more speculation: It’s official EVO:RAIL it is

VMware EVO:RAILVMware has finally announced what I’ve been speculating about for some time now, EVO:RAIL was announced at VMworld US this morning. Short story; It’s a HCIA (Hyper Converged Infrastructure Appliance), offered through several hardware vendors, with a new integrated management solution.

Since I’m not at VMworld my self, I’ll leave the blog postings to those close to the action, but here is a quick collection of links to get you acquainted with the next EVOlution of SDDC from VMware:

First off, have a look at Duncan Eppings post: Meet VMware EVO:RAIL™ – A New Building Block for your SDDC and be sure to check out the videos on the EVO:RAIL product page.

It’s interesting how Duncan explains that Marvin was the code name for the team working on this, not the actual product. That’s one part that most speculation posts missed, including mine. Either way, Project Mystic + Marvin = EVO:RAILS.

Other links:

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