Getting It Right: VMware Training and Certification

Everyone, and probably their extended family including their mother-in-law, has heard me whine and complain about the VCP training requirements.

VMware has unveiled a new lab, namely Project Nee (Next-Generation Education Environment)

and this is something I´m really excited about.

Project Nee is described as this:

VMware Project NEE is a new VMware Labs project providing a richly featured, powerful online learning and lab environment delivered from the cloud to any device, anywhere, anytime.

There aren´t many details available at the moment, except that this seems to be exactly what I have looked for from VMware;
Online access to a virtual lab environment, where you can access training resources in a flexible manner. Self paced online training, without the need to spend days on end in a classroom.

In fact, the site specifically mentions “VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage” training as being specifically beta tested at the moment.

There is no information on pricing and availability just yet, but with VMworld Europe only a week away I would not be surprised if something is to be announced in Barcelona.

With the VMware Hands-On Labs going public some time soon, and now Project Nee, VMware is certainly heading in the right direction as far as lab access and training is concerned.

Dogfooding; you gotta love it!


  1. That IS interesting! I do think the classroom training is useful when you’re just starting out but it seems an unnecessary waste of time and money when you want to upgrade your certs. Maybe we’ll also get access to preconfigured labs like those Microsoft offer.

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