No more speculation: It’s official EVO:RAIL it is

VMware EVO:RAILVMware has finally announced what I’ve been speculating about for some time now, EVO:RAIL was announced at VMworld US this morning. Short story; It’s a HCIA (Hyper Converged Infrastructure Appliance), offered through several hardware vendors, with a new integrated management solution.

Since I’m not at VMworld my self, I’ll leave the blog postings to those close to the action, but here is a quick collection of links to get you acquainted with the next EVOlution of SDDC from VMware:

First off, have a look at Duncan Eppings post: Meet VMware EVO:RAIL™ – A New Building Block for your SDDC and be sure to check out the videos on the EVO:RAIL product page.

It’s interesting how Duncan explains that Marvin was the code name for the team working on this, not the actual product. That’s one part that most speculation posts missed, including mine. Either way, Project Mystic + Marvin = EVO:RAILS.

Other links:

Introducing VMware EVO: RAIL
EVO: Rail – Integrated Hardware and Software
EVO: Rail – Management Re-imagined
VMware Announces Software Defined Infrastructure with EVO:RAIL
#VMworld Announcement #1 VMware EVO:RAIL – What is it?


Cyclic Redundancy: #AdviceForVMworld

VMworld US is very soon upon us, and I’m one of the jealous ones left behind not being able to attend. I will hopefully be able to join everyone oat VMworld Europe in Barcelona on October though.

An interesting Twitter hashtag #AdviceForVMworld appeared a week or so ago, with lots of good advice for people attending a huge tech conference.

Here are a few good examples:

All of these, contain some good advice and make perfect sense. This has also spurred a very blog posts VMworld Mobile Toolchest by Justin Warren.

This one however, made me cringe and actually scared me quite a bit

Is the state of affairs so bad that there is a need to remind other human beings to change their underwear and take care of personal hygiene? After all, people who attend VMworld are largely people who are either responsible for running the IT infrastructure for large and small companies, or people who want to be in that position. Do we actually leave our Data Centers in the hands of people who needs this kind of advice?

I know that the track record for tech conferences is shady, especially when it comes to how we as a collective treat women at such events, and that is simply disgraceful. The fact that we seem to have a need to tell people to wash, shower and clean themselves up in addition to not being misogynistic assholes saddens me. I have not personally witnessed any harassment at the VMworld’s I have attended, this is meant as a general comment.

I guess my only real solid #AdviceForVMworld is this:
Be human. Use your brain. Don’t be an asshole.

If everyone does that, we’ll get along just fine. If not, I hope someone tells you to shut up and leave.



Speculation. Again: It’s EVOlution Baby!

Finally. I’ve finally found a way to put two of my favourite things together in a completely non-sensical way, namely VMware Marvin and Pearl Jam. As The Register reported earlier today, odds are that Marvin no longer responds to it’s project name, but rather to the new EVO name recently trademarked by VMware. There has been whispers of a Marvin name change for quite some time, so this isn’t really hard to believe.

I have also found three new Twitter accounts, which at the time of discovery only followed one other account namely @vmware:

So bring on Monday, this thing will be huge if it is what I think it is. And I think that it is. I think.

So how does this tie in with Pearl Jam?

It’s EVOlution, baby