VMware Software Manager – Changing Download Directory

The new VMware Software Manager, which was released at the same time as vSphere 6, is a great way to get your download ducks in a row, and not manually download all the different vSphere pieces one by one.

But all these downloads sure eat up disk space, and if you, like me, chose the wrong download location while installing VMware Software Manager what do you do? There is no way in the web interface to change the download directory after installation, so how do you change it? There is a way through the GUI as well, but here is how to do it manually:

It turns out that the configuration is stored in %appdata%\VMware\Software Manager\Download Service\Cfg\application.cfg, specifically under the [download] section. To change your download location, move your existing directory to a new location, and update the path under directory=. Then use Task Manager to kill the vsm_download_service.exe task(s) that are running, and restart it from the C:\Program Files\VMware\Software Manager\Download Service directory and you should be all set to download to the new location.


It turns out, that you can in fact change this setting through the GUI as well, just not via the web interface. If you right click the VMware Software Manager icon in your tray, you can change the location by choosing the Settings->Change Download Location option. I completely overlooked that when trying to change the location at first.

vVotemageddon 2015

top-vblog-2015-1-smaller-300x179As has become a yearly tradition, the vote is on. Pick your favorite VMware & virtualization blogs and give Eric Siebert loads of work.

I hope the good guys at Infinio who sponsors Top vBlog 2015 also offers some assistance in doing some of the legwork required to get the results accumulated. Also, don’t be an ass.

Go cast your vote now.


Starting a VMUG

VMUGLast year, in November, the first ever meeting in VMUG Norway took place in my hometown of Bergen, and since then there has been meetings in Oslo, Trondheim and a second one in Bergen as well.

Getting the Norwegian VMUG up and running was a long process. I decided to have a go at it, and I spent a lot of time talking to people, thinking, planning and generally wondering how we could get it started and how to proceed. Some might say an inordinate amount of time, and they are right. I’m lucky to have talented and passionate people on board with me for this, this is not something I have done on my own. But, someone had to get the ball rolling.

It turns out, that all you need to get a VMUG running in your local area, is to arrange one. It is really that simple. Don’t over think it and don’t overcomplicate things. It really isn’t that hard, and honestly, it really doesn’t take that much effort either. Start small. A small venue, and a few people goes a long way.

Admittedly, the Norwegian VMUG is small in comparison to our Danish counterparts, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Sure, we can grow bigger and better, and of course we will learn and improve as we go along. I for one is really excited by the possibilities VMUG Norway has going forward, and I hope the attendees share our passion for growing the local community. If they do, I’m sure VMUG Norway is destined for success and growth.

If you plan on starting a local VMUG, just remember one thing: It is all about the U(sers), not the leadership or even the sponsors. Keep that in mind, and you’re ready to go.