In The Bag #2 - Week 45

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Welcome to the second edition of In The Bag!

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In The Bag #2 - Week 45

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  • vExpert 2017 Applications are Now Open The first round of vExpert applications for 2017 are now open, so if you want to be considered get your application in today.

  • Justin Parisi showed the new NetApp TechONTAP sticker 2.0 on Twitter the other day. Look nice, but when you really look at it – well, it might not be as nice after all. Note to everyone designing stuff like this, please look at it properly. I know it’s supposed to be a headset, but once you see it differently…

  • BBC showed the first episode of Planet Earth II this week, and all I have to say is wow. The filming done in the first episode is just incredible! Check out Iguana vs Snakes and tell me you’re not impressed.

  • Canada and Denmark Fight Over Island With Whisky and Schnapps Good time, but I’ll take the Whisky any day, sorry my Danish friends.

  • Cyberwar This is a TV Series by Viceland, each episode goes through an aspect of cyberwarfare. So far 10 episodes has been aired, and I recommend it. Not for the technical merit, but more for the insight of people host Ben Makuch talk to.

That’s it for this week, a new one is in the works for next friday

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