Hey there, my name is Christian Mohn #

Come say hello to me on Twitter or Mastodon at vmst.io/@h0bbel

I live in Bergen, Norway, and I’m as old as the original Rocky movie. I currently work as a Chief Technologist SDDC for Proact IT Norge AS, working on building Norways best, and strongest, VMware SDDC practice, and I’m a firm believer in that software is indeed eating the world.

I’m an IT industry “veteran”, podcaster, author and blogger that has survived over 20 years of real world IT experience. I’ve been running blog of some sorts for the better part of those 20 years too, which is kinda scary.

For some reason, I am a fourteen time VMware vExpert (2011-2024), and vExpert Pro. Previously I’ve been a vExpert Cloud Management (2019) and an inaugural vExpert vSAN, VMware EUC Champion (2015-2020). I am an ex-PernixPro, and five time Veeam Vanguard (2015-2019).

I also hold various VMware certifications, and I’m also an SME for the VMware certification program.

Once upon a time, I also wrote a book called Learning Veeam® Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere.

I have also been featured as a cartoon, twice. Once for Rubrik who made trading cards for VMworld 2017, and once for Proact who made a rather spiffy animated video.

Currently serving as the vice-chairman of the the Norwegian VMware User Group (VMUG) leadership team and has helped launch VMUG in three Norwegian cities; Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

For more details on work experience, certifications and such, check LinkedIn. I tend to update that more frequently than this page.


For a more detailed list of content I’ve created, or contributed to, elsewhere, have a look at this list.

On a more personal note, I’m a father of two, husband of one, and I have a potentially overshadowing passion for football – I’ve been a football coach for various girls teams in Bergen for a total of 11 years.

I prefer my coffee black as midnight on a moonless night, beer with taste, and Whisky that tastes like peat fire.

I have some stuff hosted on GitHub, including this entire site which is now published using Hugo. Previous incarnations of the site has been published using Wordpress.

As I’m a rather passionate hobby photographer, you can find most of my published photos on 500px. If, and I don’t know why, you want to know what music I’m listening to, check out last.fm.

I have also published a few things over at Medium, some of which I’m actually kind of proud of.


Disclaimer #

All posts and pages on this website. written by me, constitute my own personal opinions. They are neither read nor approved by my employers, sponsors or anyone else before posting and do not represent the views and opinions of anyone besides me, myself and I.

They also do not constitute the official corporate position taken by Proact. Furthermore, I take personal responsibility for any content created by any guest author, as I approve all such posts before they are published, though I do not necessarily share the views of that guest author.

All examples and code presented on this site is provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind. Please be sure to test code and procedures before deploying or using in a production environment.

For more details, check my Blogger Disclosure page.

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vNinja.net is the digital home of Christian Mohn and Stine Elise Larsen.

The primary focus is on IT architecture and data center technologies like virtualization and related topics, but other content also pops up from time to time.