Taking IT too Far

by Christian Mohn · Read in about 1 min (187 words)

Caricature of a mad scientist drawn by User:J.J.

A few days ago I decided to go full-on mad scientist in documenting my new home lab / network setup, and I’ve even created a GitHub repository for it.

The idea is to create a framework for developing this kind of documentation, heavily influenced by the VCDX methodology and framework. Over time, Conceptual, Logical and Physical designs will be added, as well as configuration settings and operational procedures. Hopefully it’ll also contain some useful diagrams.

There are even Executive Summary and Business Background sections, which admittedly makes no sense at all in this setting, but as an exercise in writing such documents they certainly serve a purpose.

It’s built using Markdown as the markup language, which makes it easy to edit, revise and ultimately maintain as a source controlled collection of documents.

This is very much a work in progress, but if you have any input, criticisms or pure snark, bring it on!

Of course, since this is my own personal home lab, it’s not quite up to par as a real enterprise architecture, but it’s still real to me.

Now, where is my lab coat again?