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Creating an Elgato Stream Deck Sleep Button in macOS

Published by Christian Mohn
Elgato macOS Stream Deck

I recently got an Elgato Stream Deck for the home office, and I’ve set it up mostly to control OBS Studio for a couple of projects I’m working on. Since I also have a couple of Key Light Airs, I also use it to control them. While setting it up, I figured I needed a sleep button on it, that basically locks my Macbook and turns off the lights in one fell swoop. Conceptually this seemed like an very easy thing to set up, but it turns out there are some macOS quirks that needs to be addressed for this to work. By default in macOS High Sierra, or newer, there is a predefined lock screen hotkey: Command ⌘ + Control ⌃ Q which works very well. In fact, it works a little to well as it turns out.

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