It`s Not Your Average Data it`s vOpenData

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So, what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

As we all (should) know, that is very much a trick question.

Now, consider this little non-trick question:

I wonder what the avg disk size is for your virtual machine these days. I do most math with 60GB on avg, but wonder if that has changed

@DuncanYB / March 28th 2013

And now, guess what? Just 16 days later, a brand new data mining tool has emerged based on that initial question.

vOpenData is now live, in an attempt to answer these kinds of questions.

Simplistically put, this site gathers anonymous data from your virtual infrastructure and puts it into a global dataset ready for analysis and presentation.

As data is contributed from various sources, the public dashboard is updated.

Another great community driven resource is born, this time by Ben Thomas and William Lam.

Announcement posts:

Check it out and help out by contributing your data if you can.

Post last updated on July 19, 2018: Various tweaks

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