Integrating Pocket with Todoist via IFTTT

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Myles Gray asked me how I integrate Pocket with Todoist, after my How I use Todoist post, and the answer is very simple: IFTTT. If-This-Then-That lets you connect services, and create rules (or applets) that trigger based on events in those services, luckily both Todoist and Pocket are supported.

Now, there is a bit of overlap between how I use Pocket and Todoist, but I mainly use Pocket to keep track of links I want to either read later, or use as basis for blog posts.

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I have two main IFTTT recipes that takes care of my integration between the two. Both of these use Pocket as the source, and Todoist as the target, I do not transfer anything from Todoist to Pocket.

IFFT Applets: #

“If new item tagged read, then create a task in To Read” #

Simply put, if I tag something with the tag read in Pocket, it gets added to my “To Read” sub-project in Todoist. This allows me to quickly move a Pocket item into Todoist as an action item, with the complete URL. It does not assign a label, nor does it set a priority—but it allows me to have a nice link list in Todoist with items I want read later. Of course, the Todoist Chrome extension allows me to do similar things, but only from the browser. Since I use IFTTT to add my Twitter likes to Pocket etc, it makes sense to have most of that collected in one place for further investigation.

“If new item tagged todo, then create a task in Inbox” #

Similar to the one above, just with the todo tag instead. Naturally those links get placed in my “To Do” project instead. The difference here is that those that go into my To Do project, are things that I want to actively do something with (besides reading). That might be create a blog post based on something, send it to a client or coworker, or similar tasks.

Workflow #

For me, Pocket works as a first repository of content I want to check out, and the content I want to do something further with, they live in Todoist. Once they are in Tooist, it’s trival to move them over to the correct projects and/or labels for organizing.

I have also set up a recurring task, with mobile alerts, to make sure I check my Pocket-lint at least once a week.

I’m sure there are other, and more fancy ways of doing this, or even improve on them. Please leave a comment if you do something similar, or something that I haven’t even thought of at all.

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