What's Really in the Bag?

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Since I “launched” my In the Bag series of weekly links yesterday, I figured I should really show what is indeed in the bag. Lifehacker runs a series called Featured Bag and the voyeur in me finds it interesting what other people carry around, and how they organize it.

This is my attempt at doing the same. This is my everyday carry, most of these items are always in the bag when I leave the house in the morning. I’ve been using backpacks for years, but noticed I always just carry it around on righ shoulder, so I decided to go for a shoulder bag instead. For the most part this works our fine, if I’m travelling for more than a day, I tend to re-pack in one of the backpacks I have instead.

The bag itself is a dbramante1928 Christiansborg which I’m really happy with. Proper leather, and after a couple of months of usage it’s starting to show some patina.

  • MacBook Pro 15"
  • Various Apple dongles (display and ethernet) and cables
  • iPad Mini 4, with a Logitech Keys to Go keyboard
  • Arrow / EMC branded 10000 mAh external battery
  • Logitech R400 presenter
  • Old school paper notebook, with pen
  • Business cards
  • Pens
  • Tiny Leatherman knife/multitool
  • Work access card
  • Bose Quiet Control 25 headset

And that’s it. There is still some room for various papers etc. in the pocket on the back of the bag, and some room in the front pocket as well.

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