Top vBlog 2016: Thank you!

bronze_vspherelandWhile I was away on a two week holiday on the Croatia’s sunny Makarska Rivijera, Eric Siebert announced the result of his annual Top vBlog, and much to my surprise vNinja did quite the jump from last years 46th spot to this years 27th!  Honestly, I thought the site would drop out of the the top 50 list this year, but once again I’m proven to be mistaken. Some times being wrong is just great!

Not only that, but in the Favorite Independent Blogger category, I also did a small hop from 7th to 6th.

Obviously this makes me very happy, and I wish to thank everyone who voted for the site this year.

Also, if you happen to meet Eric at VMworld, or anywhere else this year, buy the guy a beer. Or three. He like totally deserves it.