VMworld 2011 Session Voting

VMware has opened the public voting for the VMworld 2011 sessions. Personally I haven’t submitted anything, but I do see a lot of familiar names in the voting application.

The voting is available to anyone who has a vmworld.com account, and the voting period is from May 9th to May 18th. The voting is global, which means a vote for a session counts as a vote for both VMworld US and VMworld EMEA as 80% of the selected sessions will occur at both events. You can vote on as many sessions as you like, but only one vote pr. session.

There is a plethora of sessions, in fact there are 854 sessions to choose between! Thankfully VMware has included a search application that enables you to focus on your particular areas of interest and find sessions that fit.

I’ve done my part and voted, and I must say that some of these sessions sound great! Some of the session submitters have done a very good job with titling their submissions, which certainly helps in identifying what sessions to vote on. I won’t go through my entire list of votes, but a couple of sessions caught my eye immediately:

Session ID Title Presenters
2769 You Know You Must Deduplicate
Your vSphere Backups but Which Approach is Best for You?
Ian Blatchford, Product Manager, Hewlett Packard
Doug Hazelman, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Veeam Software
3276 From Epicenter to vCenter:
Surviving natural disasters with VMware SRM
Christopher Wells, Systems Architect, TUV Rheinland Japan, Ltd
1603 How VMware’s Products Are Like a Military Unit Jase McCarty, Sr. vSpecialist, EMC Corporation
1425 Ask the Expert vBloggers Duncan Epping, Principal Architect, VMware, Inc.
Rick Scherer, Senior vSpecialist, EMC Corporation
Frank Denneman, Consulting Architect, VMware, Inc.
Scott Lowe, CTO, vSpecialist Team, EMC Corporation
Chad Sakac, VP, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation
1623 Storage Superheavy Weight Smackdown 2011 Cody Bunch, Blogger, ProfessionalVMware.com
Vaughn Stewart, Evangelist for Virtualization & Cloud Computing , NetApp
Chad Sakac, VP, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation
Mike Koponen, WW Solutions Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard
Eric Schott, Executive Director, Dell Inc.

Goes to show that titling your submission properly really does make a difference.

Go forth and vote!