Storage Field Day #22 — Here We Go

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Next week is Storage Field Day 22, and for the first time since Tech Field Day 6 10 years ago, I am a delegate!

I am really looking forward to hearing from the presenting sponsors, and being part of what looks like a really great group of delegates.

Presenting Sponsors #

Delegates (Twitter) #

Agenda #

Handy ical link for all the Storage Field Day 22 presentations

Wednesday, Aug 48:00-9:30Infrascalen/a
Wednesday, Aug 411:00-13:30IntelAllison Goodman, Elsa Asadian, Kelsey Prantis, Kristie Mann, Nash Kleppan, Sagi Grimberg
Thursday, Aug 58:00-10:00CTERAAron Brand, Jim Crook, Liran Eshel
Thursday, Aug 511:00-13:00KompriseKrishna Subramanian, Mike Peercy, Mohit Dhawan
Friday, Aug 68:00-9:00Fujifilmn/a
Friday, Aug 610:00-11:30Pure StorageRalph Ronzio, Stan Yanitskiy

Note: All dates and times listed are local time in Virtual, US/Pacific. in Silicon Valley, US/Pacific.

Join us live for what should be an awesome event!

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