Tech X 300 2023: Wrapped

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VMUG Denmark put on the (northern European?) VMUG event of the year on the 20th and 21st of September; Tech X 300. It was held at the beautiful Nordisk Film Biografer Palads cinema in Copenhagen, which offers great rooms for the presentations, along with huge screens. I think the largest one was over 12 meters wide!

Nordisk Film Biografer Palads

Room A was a large theater!

All in all, it was a great event with a number of excellent speakers. I was fortunate enough to included, and did my Down the Rabbit Hole with VMware Aria Automation Config (SaltStack) talk (Apologies to the speakers behind me on the schedule, as I ran over my time slot quite a bit. I need to work on that before VMware Explore).

The whole event was very well organized, and the content was really great. I especially enjoyed the opening keynote by Richard Garsthagen, who walked us through most of the history of the extended VMware community, from it’s beginnings until now. Combine that with an interactive Kahoot! and you’ve got yourself a winner. Well done Richard!

Of course, the technical content was top notch, as expected when looking at the speaker list, but I have to say I really enjoyed the non-technical talks as well. Both days of the event ended with a closing keynote, of a decidedly non-techical nature. Day one was “I’m OK, You’re OK, We’re OK: Living With AD(H)D In Infosec” by Klaus Agnoletti. This was a very personal, but also eye opening, talk about how Klaus deals with his ADHD.

Day two ended with a fantastic non-slide talk by Thor Pedersen, about the “Once Upon a Saga”-project, his 10-Year Journey Visiting All 203 Countries in the World Without Flying. An absolutely inspiring and heartwarming tale of an impossible project.

This content was fantastic. It is great idea to invite to a technical two day event, and end each day with something completely different. We all need other perspectives and other things to contemplate. Thank you VMUG DK for giving us that opportunity, I know this was greatly appreciated by many of the attendees!

To the Danish VMUG crew: Yet again you pulled it off! You are truly an inspiration, and you do set a high bar for the rest of us. I hope I get the chance to both attend, and present, at future events you put on.

To attendees and speakers: Thank you for showing up and contributing. I really enjoyed the interactions we had during these couple of days, and in my mind this shows that we still need physical events. While remote and video meetings/events work, they just are not the same.

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