I'm honored. And a Bit Scared.

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Yesterday was my first real day as a Senior Solutions Architect for Proact, and today I flew to Oslo for on-boarding and some face-to-face time with my new colleagues over there. By the looks of it, there is a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, and it we land the things we have started on this should be interesting. Very interesting indeed.

In addition to the excitement around changing employers, and roles, some other things have also happened. Firstly, Veeam decided to award me the Veeam Vanguard title for 2016. I had the honour of being one of the inaugural members of this group in 2015, and I’m very happy to be included in the group once more.

Secondly, VMware has announced the list of their [EUC Champions for 2016](http://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2016/04/announcing-our-2016-end-user-computing-euc-champions.html). ![](/img/VMW-LGO-VMW-EUC-CHAMPION-WHT-2016-300x165.png#floatright)This program had a "soft-launch" in 2015, but has now gone official in 2016. I'm extremely honoured to extend my membership in this small group in 2016.

Thirdly, a few days ago Issue 1, 2016, of VMUG Compass was published – and that includes an interview with me as well.

It’s been quite a week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. Now, I need to go lay down for a bit…

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