My Current Home Lab Setup 2023

Christian’s Homelab setup #

Some details on the hosts and setup: The Home Lab: 2022 Edition.

vSAN 8 Setup details: vSAN 8.0 ESA in my Home Lab


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Last updated april 29th, 2024.

VMware vSphere Infrastructure #

vCenter Version: 8.0u2c |, Build: 23504390

ESXi version: 8.0c, Build: 21493926

ESXi Hosts #

esxi-118.0.1, Build 21495797Dell OptiPlex 7090 UFF
esxi-128.0.1, Build 21495797Dell OptiPlex 7090 UFF
esxi-138.0.1, Build 21495797Dell OptiPlex 7090 UFF
esxi-148.0.1, Build 21495797Dell OptiPlex 7090 UFF

ESXi Host Physical Details #

CPU11th Generation Intel Core i7-1185G7 (4-Core, 12MB Cache, up to 4.8GHz, 28W, vPro capable)
RAM64GB 2x32GB DDR4 non ECC memory
Local Storage 0PM991a NVMe Samsung 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State DriveUsed as boot device
Local Storage 1KXG70PNV2T04 NVMe KIOXIA 2048GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State DrivevSAN ESA device
NIC 0On-board Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (13) I219-LM 1GbEDriver included in ESXi 8.0
NIC 1Startech USB 3.0 2.5GBase-T USB NICRequires USB NIC Fling
NIC 2Startech USB 3.0 2.5GBase-T USB NICRequires USB NIC Fling

ESXi Networking Configuration #

Distributed SwitchDescriptionNotes
Distributed SwitchDSwitch01 - two uplinks (USB NICs)
Port Group vMotionvusb0 Primary Uplink 1 / Standby Uplink 2No VLAN
Port Group vSANvusb1 Primary Uplink 2 / Standby Uplink 1No VLAN
Standard SwitchDescriptionVLAN
Standard SwitchvSwitch0
Port Group DMZ150
Port Group Managementn/a
Port Group VM Networkn/a
VMkernel InterfacesDescriptionNotes
vmk0Management / VM Traffic / DMZStandard Switch PGs
vmk1vMotionDSwitch01 / No VLAN
vmk2vSANDSwitch01 / No VLAN

VMware vSAN Configuration #

Setup details vSAN 8.0 ESA

  • 7.45 TB RAW capacity

Physical Network #

USG-3PSecurity Gateway
Ubiquiti US-8-60WPoE Switch (for Access Points)
Cisco SG200-26Core switch
QNAP QSW-1108-8T 8-Port 2.5GbpsvSAN / vMotion 2.5 GbE Switch
HP 1800-8GIoT switch

WiFi: Ubiqity UniFi Access Points #

AP ModelDescription
5 x UAP-AC-MAccess Points

VLAN Configuration #

VLAN FunctionVLAN IDSubnetNotes
vMotion12x.x.12.0/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
vSAN13x.x.13.0/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use

IP Assignments Management #


IP Assignments vMotion VLAN #

esxi-1112x.x.12.11/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
esxi-1212x.x.12.12/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
esxi-1312x.x.12.13/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
esxi-1412x.x.12.14/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use

IP Assignments vSAN VLAN #

esxi-1113x.x.13.11/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
esxi-1213x.x.13.12/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
esxi-1313x.x.13.13/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use
esxi-1413x.x.13.14/24IP Range in use, VLAN not in use

Network Attached Storage (NAS) #

stor-syn-01Synology DS216play3.6 TB
stor-syn-02Synology DS920+10.5 TB

External Datastores #

HostnameMount Point

Infrastructure Diagrams #

Services & Software #

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