7 Expert Tips for Managing Your Remote vSphere Infrastructure

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Now there is a catchy title if I ever saw one. Only “problem” is that it’s a whitepaper that I have written for Veeam. In reality this is the first published article I have ever written, that I didn’t publish on my own. I’m excited about it, yet strangely nervous about how it will be received by the people who download it. If you happen to do so, make sure to let me know how you found it, all comments and criticism will be most appreciated.

Download this NEW whitepaper to get 7 Expert Tips for managing your remote vSphere infrastructure, including:
Selecting the right products and solutions
The best ways to protect data
How to remotely manage and monitor the VMware infrastructure

Go ahead and download it now, and let me have it… : 7 Expert Tips for Managing Your Remote vSphere Infrastructure

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