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Like everyone else in the vUniverse, I’ve had a play with the very recently released free vSphere Client for iPad. Since everyone, and their mother, has already blogged and reviewed it I don’t see much value in me doing the same.

What I can say though, is that the first impression is pretty great. It looks good, works well and might be one of the apps that finally gives me an actual use case for the iPad. The feature set of the client is pretty basic so far, but it does provide you with a quick overview of your environment.

I do agree with Juan Manuel Rey / @jreypo’s thoughts in his tweet though:

@h0bbel I'm not saying is no fun or cool but I believe a Linux or OS X client is more needed and of course more productive

We do need a cross platform vCenter Client, hopefully the iPad client is a step in that direction. Considering that it uses the vCMA as it’s backend this might pave the way for other solutions using the same API to connect to VMware vCenter.

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