Check for OS X Updates Automatically

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Yeah, I admit it. I want OS X Mavericks, and I want it now.

Unfortunately, it´s not available yet from Software Update. So instead of manually checking every 5 minutes or so, I decided to create a small bash script that does it for me.

It´s very, very simple, but I think it does the job:

First off, pop into Terminal and get root access:

h0bbel::h0bair { ~ }-> sudo su -
Then create a small bash script, I named mine, that contains the following:

while true
softwareupdate -l
sleep 60
Change it to be executable by running
chmod +x
Then run the script, to have softwareupdate run over and over again (60 seconds after it completes) until you break it with ctrl-c

h0bair:~ root# ./
Software Update Tool
Copyright 2002-2010 Apple

No new software available.
At least I now get warning once it´s available. I can has Mavericks nao?

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