VMware has finally announced what I’ve been speculating about for some time now, EVO:RAIL was announced at VMworld US this morning. Short story; It’s a HCIA (HyperConverged Infrastructure Appliance), offered through several hardware vendors, with a new integrated management solution.

Since I’m not at VMworld my self, I’ll leave the blog postings to those close to the action, but here is a quick collection of links to get you acquainted with the next EVOlution of SDDC from VMware:

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VMworld US is very soon upon us, and I’m one of the jealous ones left behind not being able to attend. I will hopefully be able to join everyone at VMworld Europe in Barcelona on October though.

An interesting Twitter hashtag #AdviceForVMworld appeared a week or so ago, with lots of good advice for people attending a huge tech conference.

Here are a few good examples:

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Finally. I’ve finally found a way to put two of my favourite things together in a completely non-sensical way, namely VMware Marvin and Pearl Jam. As The Register reported earlier today, odds are that Marvin no longer responds to it’s project name, but rather to the new EVO name recently trademarked by VMware. There has been whispers of a Marvin name change for quite some time, so this isn’t really hard to believe.

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A customer of mine, who runs a pure HP environment based on c7000 and StoreServ 7200, wanted to get the HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter up and running. The problem was that while we were able to connect to the older MSA array they run for non-production workloads, we were unable to connect to the newer StoreServ 7200. There is full IP connectivity between the application server that the HP Insight components run on and the storage controllers/VSP (no firewalls between them, they are located in the same subnet).

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It’s been a while since I tried speculating on the soon-to-be-announced VMware Marvin project, but some very recent VMworld US 2014 session additions look really interesting in that regard:

If you look at 1767 specifically, since the other sessions are still very light on details, it has a rather interesting description:

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Following the success of the first vSphere Design Pocketbook, PernixData has created a new version, this time dubbed “Blog Edition”.  Where the first book focused on small “tweet sized” design tips, the new one allows for more in-depth articles, lifting the first editions 200 character limit.

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I was invited by Nick Martin and Tom Walat to join them in this pre-VMworld edition of the podcast, so if you’re not bored reading about my Marvin speculations already, you can now listen to them as well over at This Week in Virtualization by SearchServerVirtualization

It also covers some expectation for VMworld 2014, which is rapidly getting closer.

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While working on reconfiguring my home lab setup, and migrating all the vSphere resources into a single cluster I ran into a problem powering on one of the VMs which used to run on a single host. The power on operation yielded the following error message:

Invalid memory setting: memory reservation (sched.mem.min) should be equal to memsize (memsize)

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