Dude, where is my VAIO?

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Alex Jauch, VAIO Product Manager has provided an update on why there there has been so little information available, and when to expect that to change.

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Since this post was initially published, information about the VAIO capabilities in vSphere 6.0 has been published. In vSphere APIs for IO Filtering Ken Werneburg goes through the details on how it works, and how partners will get access through a SDK some time in the coming months.

I guess that the lack of announcement hoopla at PEX regarding this is simply due to the SDK not being available at vSphere 6.0 time. I’m very glad to see VAIO talked about, and that it hasn’t gone completely AWOL.

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vSphere 6.0 was announced yesterday, with a bucketload of new features and capabilties. However, there seems to be a missing piece in the puzzle.

Where did vSphere APIs for I/O Filters (VAIO), go?

vSphere APIs for I/O Filters (VAIO), is simply put a framework that was to allow VMware partners to plug their products/features directly into the VM I/O Path. Basically this means that third-parties would be able to offer Data Services directly in the storage data stream. That opens up a world of possibilities, like compression, deduplication, and even cool stuff like distributed caching or native IO replication. All of this directly, without the need to leave the hypervisor. Keeping your Data Services close to the compute, that makes sense. Opening up for such tight integration is win-win for VMware, as they can offer their own services on top of the hypervisor, or let customers chose to run a third party filter. Either way, the hypervisor is the same, and it’s VMware’s ESXi.

So, where is it? I can’t find a single reference to VAIO in the vSphere 6 release. Even SanDisk seem to be quiet about it, after announcing that they were VMware’s design partner on VAIO:

SanDisk was selected to be VMware’s design partner for the APIs for IO Filtering for server-side solid-state caching, to help design and develop the APIs. The FlashSoft team at SanDisk are not only working on the API design, but we are actively working on implementing our next version of FlashSoft for vSphere based on the vSphere APIs for IO Filtering in ESXi 6.0. We plan to have our product ready for the launch of ESXi 6.0 early next year.

Isn’t it a bit strange that this was a big deal back in August 2014, and come vSphere 6 announcement in February 2015, all is quiet on the western front? Other than the Storage Field Day Video, it seems a bit quiet at the moment?

I guess no-one notices the gorilla after all.

Not even the industry storage experts that seemingly also have overlooked the omission of any mention of VAIO in the vSphere 6 release. I guess this proves that the eyes is really the first thing that go blind…

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