Marvin the Paranoid Android

The recent speculations surrounding Marvin has now hit The Register (to bad they don’t link this way, but I guess thats how it is) as well, but one piece is still missing, arguably the most important one. We all know that the most important piece of something like this is it’s name, or acronym, not it’s technical merit…

There has been a few attempts at guessing what Marvin is an acronym for,  and here are some good ones from Twitter:

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How long as NSX for vSphere 6.0.4 Documentation been publicly available? I just noticed this, and that the NSX downloads seem to be available via MyVMware - If you are entitled to it that is.

Does this mean it will be available for download and we get to play with it soon-ish? It might have been available earlier too, unnoticed by yours truly…

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Update: The contest is now closed, and I have forwarded all comments to Packt Publishing, and they will contact the winners directly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

I have teamed up with Packt Publishing  to organize a giveaway of  my new **Veeam® Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere **book.

3 lucky winners stand a chance to win e-copies of their new book. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of them!

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Marvin the Paranoid Android (HHGG)

After close to a full day of Twitter speculations and discussions on what Marvin really is, some thoughts kept stuck with me, and this is my attempt at articulating what I think VMware might be up to.

Please note that I have no real knowledge of the status of the project, nor if it really exists outside of a poster in a window in the VMware campus. All I do know is that there is a trademark registered, and that there seems to be some merit behind the speculations done by CRN and The Register.

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Yesterday Fletcher Cocquyt posted a rather interesting photo on his Twitter account:

This is, as far as I know, the first public sighting confirming the existence of the “mystic” project Marvin that VMware is working on. The text reads “Introducing the worlds first 100% VMware powered hyper converged infrastructure appliance.” I guess some of the VMware engineers forgot that the VMware campus get external visitors from time to time…

So what is it? Well, there aren’t many details available but Marvin is indeed a registered trademark, by VMware. According to the trademark registration, it’s purpose is pretty clear:

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A little over a month ago I announced the Want to Win a Google Chromecast contest and finally the winner has been selected. Since there was a grand total of 5 submissions, and one of them was immediately disqualified for a distinct lack of Ninja-presence, I decided to just do a random draw. The submitted photos were numbered by the order they appeared in on my post as I took this screenshot.

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While upgrading a vShield Manager 5.1.1 install to 5.1.4 at a client, I ran into an issue with logging in after a completed upgrade. The username and password used to log in, and subsequently upload the upgrade file, was no longer working after the upgrade finished and the vShield Manager appliance had been rebooted.

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I have a free Google Chromecast to give a way to one lucky winner. As part of being voted into the top 50 VMware & virtualization blogs I was lucky enough to win one for myself, and as an added bonus I get to give away one to one of my readers too! To be able to find a worthy winner of it, I’ve decided to host a contest. Since I do enjoy a bit of photography, and the site name is vNinja, the contest rules is as follows:

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Eric Siebert has yet again pulled through, and organized his annual top VMware & virtualization blogs vote, and the results are now in. Congratulations to everyone involved, be it bloggers, podcasters or otherwise engaged in making this possible.

This year, Eric hosted a live Google Hangout session with John M. Troyer, David M. Davis and Rick Vanover where the top lists were revealed, be sure to check it out:

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This rather tongue-in-cheek title, is a play on Maish recent VSAN - The Unspoken Truth post where he highlights what he thinks is one of the hidden “problems” with the current version of VSAN is it’s inherent non-blade compatibility and current lack of “rack based VSAN ready nodes”.

Of course, this is a reality; If you base your current infrastructure on blade servers, VSAN probably isn’t a good match as it stands today. Chances are that if you are currently running a blade-based datacenter, you have traditional external storage on the back end of that, and that you for quite some time will be running a form factor that VSAN simply isn’t designed for. I don’t disagree with Maish in that conclusion, not a bit.

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