Is Marvin an Acronym?

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Marvin the Paranoid Android

The recent speculations surrounding Marvin has now hit The Register (to bad they don’t link this way, but I guess thats how it is) as well, but one piece is still missing, arguably the most important one. We all know that the most important piece of something like this is it’s name, or acronym, not it’s technical merit…

There has been a few attempts at guessing what Marvin is an acronym for,  and here are some good ones from Twitter:

As well as Modular ARray of Virtualization Infrastructure Nodes by Kevin Kelling.

How about this one: Modular Automated Rackable Virtual Infrastructure Node?

I’m bored.

— Marvin, the Paranoid Android


Update January 12th 2021: #

The Acronym was in fact Modular Automated Rackable Virtual Infrastructure Node. So my speculation was actually spot on, and it was indeed an acronym as suspected at the time.

It’s good to have that sorted over 6 years later, isn’t it? You know, for historical accuracy and all that.

Reference #

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