As you may or may not know, the new vCenter 4.1 requires that the host it runs on is 64 bit. As 4.0 and previous versions weren’t supported on 64 bit at all, this probably means that when you upgrade you will need to move your existing database to a new host. There are several ways of doing the migration, but one way is to backup your existing database, and restore it on a new host and point the new vCenter 4.

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Welcome to vNinja!

Welcome to my new playground. I used to post quite a lot over at my old site, but given it’s weird domain name and it’s long history I’ve decided to start fresh. This new site will be dedicated to all things virtualization, PowerShell, Windows Server management and possibly even some Citrix products thrown in here and there. I might even go on about APP-V, but that remains to be seen.

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Christian Mohn works as a Chief Technologist SDDC for Proact in Norway.

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