Being Neil Armstrong

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Now there is an ambitious post title if there ever was one, but it seems fitting as the next 12 months promises to be my most ambitious professional year to date.

Like Neil, I´ve started a journey that could either crash and burn, or end up with my very own personal moon landing.

Those of you that follow my antics on Twitter already know what I´m talking about, but I´ll spell it out once and for all:

I´ve decided to go for the VCDX certification, and hopefully complete it within a timeframe of about 12 months.

With my new role as a Senior Consultant for EVRY, certifications all of a sudden play a major role in my day to day work, so why not go all in and go for the top? I´ve been considering this for a while, but the last few months have solidified the idea that I should just go gung-ho and aim for the stars.

So here I am, sticking my neck out and making this public knowledge. I´ll try my best to stick to the plan newly accredited VCDX Hugo Phan published after his defense.

In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand.

Neil Armstrong

So there you have it, this norwegian has lost his mind and (for now) lives to tell about it. Wish me luck, I am certainly going to need it.

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