Getting It Right: VMware Training and Certification

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Everyone, and probably their extended family including their mother-in-law, has heard me whine and complain about the VCP training requirements.

VMware has unveiled a new lab, namely Project Nee (Next-Generation Education Environment)

and this is something I´m really excited about.

Project Nee is described as this:

VMware Project NEE is a new VMware Labs project providing a richly featured, powerful online learning and lab environment delivered from the cloud to any device, anywhere, anytime.

There aren´t many details available at the moment, except that this seems to be exactly what I have looked for from VMware; Online access to a virtual lab environment, where you can access training resources in a flexible manner. Self paced online training, without the need to spend days on end in a classroom.

In fact, the site specifically mentions “VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage” training as being specifically beta tested at the moment.

There is no information on pricing and availability just yet, but with VMworld Europe only a week away I would not be surprised if something is to be announced in Barcelona.

With the VMware Hands-On Labs going public some time soon, and now Project Nee, VMware is certainly heading in the right direction as far as lab access and training is concerned.

Dogfooding; you gotta love it!

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