Goodbye Mr. Herrod

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SearchserverVirtualization published an article today called “Experts weigh in on CTO Herrod’s departure, future of VMware” where I have been quoted in regard to Steve Herrod’s departure from VMware.

While the quote itself is correct, I feel that there is a need to further expand on what I said, in the context it was given in.

So here it is, my entire response:

My reaction to Steve Herrods departure is probably on par with just about everyone else's, one of surprise. While I cannot comment on the internal workings of VMware, Mr. Herrods impact and influence on their public image has been immense and his shoes will be very hard to fill. That being said, I cannot imagine that VMware does not have a plan in place for this new post-Herrod era, it may be news to us, but I'm certain that this is something that has been known internally for quite some time.

Mr. Herrod has been very vocal, and influential, and replacing him is not something VMware should treat lightly. Steve put much emphasis on the T in CTO, and whoever is to replace him needs to be on par with the technical level of his predecessor, after all that’s where mr. Herrod excelled. He knows the tech, and knows how to market it both to executives and techies alike, no small feat in itself.

On the other hand, VMware does have as a very passionate and vocal community, and I’m sure that there is someone lurking in the shadows just waiting for the opportunity to step up into the light and move VMware forward. Each time high profile executives has left VMware, and there has been a few, VMware has excelled and not looked back.

I hope, and believe that the same will be true this time around, after all VMware is driven by engineers not marketing or executive level positions. The tech is at heart, at least that’s my impression.

Lastly, I would like to thank Steve Herrod for his tenure at VMware. He´s been a leading light and a reliable voice in an ever changing world. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, not that I think he’ll need it, people of Steve´s calibre seldom needs luck.

(yes, yes, I know. It should have been Dr. Herrod)

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