Marvin Related VMworld Sessions?

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It’s been a while since I tried speculating on the soon-to-be-announced VMware Marvin project, but some very recent VMworld US 2014 session additions look really interesting in that regard:

If you look at 1767 specifically, since the other sessions are still very light on details, it has a rather interesting description:

One way to simplify the CI environments is via a VMware-powered Converged Infrastructure solution (VMCI) that ties together hardware and software components under a single virtualization umbrella to offer a single point of-entry for a Software Define Data Center (SDDC).

We will tie together VMware (and partner) assets spanning virtualization (compute/storage/networking), management (vCenter, VCAC), and operations/analytics (vCOPS, vCAC, etc) with hardware management, to offer a single point of SDDC entry with a tightly integrated automation for SDDC.

I guess this is the real deal; a single point-of-entry for both hardware and software. It even mentions partners, which tie into my earlier speculation that VMware is not going into the hardware realm here, but rather working with OEMs.

Now does this sound a lot like Marvin, or not?

Update August 21st 2014 #

A new session popped up today, with a rather conspicuous title (and great session number): SDDC1337 - VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Technical Deepdive. Again, the session description is light on details, in fact at the moment the link to the session itself only returns _[Exception in:/detail/sessionDetail.jsp] null. _But, if you search for it, you get a bit more details:

SDDC1337 - VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Technical Deepdive In this session, Duncan Epping and Dave Shanley with provide technical details for VMware and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. Dave Shanley - Lead Engineer, VMware Duncan Epping - Principal Architect, VMware Program Location: Europe and US

It’s not even possible to schedule this session yet, as it’s time slots are not shown either. My guess is that it will be hidden until some time Monday morning (August 25th). Quite possibly right after, or even during, the 9:00AM - 10:30AM General Session. Seems you must be logged into and have a valid authenticated session to get all the details. Thanks Mike Laverick for clearing that part up.

So, both @DuncanYB & @daveshanley in one go. Think Marvin, think EVOlution. Attend this one if you can.

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