Home Lab: Services & Software

Some details on the hosts and setup: The Home Lab: 2022 Edition.


This is a living document, and is subject to change at any given time.

Last updated March 24th 2024.

Services #

ServiceDeployment MethodDescription
VMware vCenterVMVMware vSphere Management
VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle ManagerVMAria Lifecycle Management
Home AssistantVMHome Automation
PlexVMMedia Server
Pi-HoleVM x 2DNS and Adblocking
OwncloudVMFile sync services
PlausibleContainer (Docker01)Web analytics
Caddy 2VMReverse proxy / File services
TautulliContainer on SynologyPlex Monitoring
Calibre WebContainer on SynologyWeb front end for Calibre
Bar AssistantContainer (Docker02)Bar Management System
PortainerContainer (Docker01)Container Management
DNSSynologyDomain Name Service
DHCPSynology / UnifiIP assignment
VPNUnifiRemote network access

Other Software #

Plex UpdateScript to keep Plex updated automatically

Diagrams #

Containers with Caddy Frontend #

Caddy Diagram

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