In The Bag #10 - Week 8 2017

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Welcome to the tenth edition of In The Bag! This one comes a little late, it’s (barely) Sunday here, not Friday! Sorry about that, but I was “stuck” in a secure facility all week, doing a vSphere 5.5 til vSphere 6.5 migration.

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In The Bag #10 - Week 8 2017 #

Technology #

  • osx-wificleaner — Over time, we all accumulate a bunch of open networks that we’ve connected to — you do use a while connected to those, right? This little MacOS script will clean those right out of your network list, which is a good thing. For one, cleaning out those open networks makes sure your laptops doesn’t reconnect to them automatically, and secondly manually cleaning up that list is pretty tedious after a while.

  • VMware Technical Papers  — Handy little site that makes it easy to find those Technical Papers you’re looking for. Filter by product and read your heart out.

  • VMware IOInsight — Nice new Fling from VMware Labs. Ever wondered how your VMs IO characteristics are? Well, IOInsight will give you that, erm, insight in a web based GUI.

  • How I Ruined Office Productivity With a Face-Replacing Slack Bot — And people say slackbots are useless.

Other #

That’s it for this week — Enjoy your week to come.

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