2015: The verdict

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Last year, in January, I posted 2015: Let’s DOS IT! and it’s time to do some reviewing (again, inspired by Scott Lowe).

So, how did I do? #

  • Master Markdown: I’m happy to say that most of the writing I’ve done in 2015 has been done in Markdown. I haven’t really moved on to really create Markdown based documentation and convert it like I intended, but still, Markdown has become second nature in 2015. Score: 7/10

  • Get more organised: Now this one is easy. As mentioned in Todoist: One Year Later I’ve completed 722 Todoist tasks in 2015, giving me a Todoist Master Karma level. Score: 10/10

  • **Write better blog posts: **This one is hard to gauge, and to be honest it’s a really bad goal without any real metrics attached to it. I certainly didn’t increase my blogging frequency in 2015, but I did manage to put a few non-technical posts up on Medium. Score: 5/10

  • Get that VCAP-DCD certification: Funnily I did get my VCAP5-DCD certification. I didn’t get it in 2015 though, turns out I actually got it in 2014 after all. For some reason VMware  Education informed me of this now in January 2016. Why this happened, I have yet to find out, other than that there has to have been something wrong with the exam I took in 2014. Pretty bizarre, but at least I can cross that off the list as completed. Can’t give it a perfect 10 though, after all I didn’t pass it in 2015. Score: 7/10

  • **Redesign vNinja: **A bit of a cheat this one, the redesign was mostly in the bag when the 2015 goals were written. I’m still not really happy with it, but it works. Score: 5/10

Overall Score 34/50

I can absolutely live with that result, even though I wish the scores were a bit higher. Now I just need to write down a list for 2016 and publish that as well. To be sure I don’t forget, I’ve already put it into my Todoist task list, alongside the review task for 2016.

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