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Every once in a while an opportunity presents itself that is just too good to pass up and after 8 years at Seatrans AS I’ve decided to move on and and accept a position as a Senior Consultant in the Infrastructure Consulting division of EDB ErgoGroup.

Seatrans has been a fantastic employer, and without the backing and support I’ve had over the years I would not be in a position where this change would be possible. It was with mixed emotions I handed in my notice, but I’m 100% certain that this is the right move, at the right time, for me personally.

As a consultant my main focus will still be virtualization in general, and VMware solutions in particular. The upside to this is that I will definitely be able to work even more with the technology closest to my heart, and with a larger team that has a similar passion for technology. Moving back to the consultant side of the table should be an interesting challenge, and one that I’m really looking forward to.

The blog will stay the same, perhaps this change might even bring more content in as I’m going to be exposed to a lot of different infrastructures and challenges.

I’ve also set a couple of pretty hefty personal goals for 2012, but I’ll keep those to myself until I see how everything pans out.

2012? Bring your A game, because I’m awake, strong and ready!

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