What if it's Just Some Crazy Guy in a Clown Suit?

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As a few of you have noticed, I recently changed my title on LinkedIn from Chief Consultant to Cloud Architect in the newly formed EVRY Cloud Consulting division, but what does that mean and perhaps more importantly, why?

The closest description I have found to describe what my new role is this:

 Leads in the development of the technical solution or offering, in translating the business needs into technical requirements. Identifies gaps, strategic impacts, financial impacts and the risk profile in the technical solution or offering, and provides technical support.
[Joe McKendrick / Forbes](http://www.forbes.com/sites/joemckendrick/2013/01/28/5-skills-that-should-be-part-of-every-cloud-job-description/)

Or, as Mrs. Josh Atwell would say:

This change comes with the realization that for most SMB customers, moving IT-services to cloud based solutions makes a lot of sense. No, this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning virtualization. I still have a passion for running efficient data centers, but only when it makes sense to do so - and often it does not - but when it does, I sure want to be there and help build it.

IT means that I will need to broaden my horizons and see a larger picture.

IT means I will have to learn something new

IT means I will be challenged in a whole new way going forward.

IT means change.

IT is changing.

IT is happening.

IT means less product, more business needs.

The time of IT for IT’s own sake has passed and I feel fine.

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