Want to Win a Google Chromecast?

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I have a free Google Chromecast to give a way to one lucky winner. As part of being voted into the top 50 VMware & virtualization blogs I was lucky enough to win one for myself, and as an added bonus I get to give away one to one of my readers too!

To be able to find a worthy winner of it, I’ve decided to host a contest.

Since I do enjoy a bit of photography, and the site name is vNinja, the contest rules is as follows:

Send in a photo of yourself, your wife, kids, grandma, cat or dog, dressed as a ninja. That’s right, dress up someone as a ninja, snap a photo and send it my way either via Twitter or as a comment on this post, and I’ll pick the best one.  Note that the ninja has to be visible. Any photo received with no visible ninja’s in it, will be disqualified, even though stealth is the way of the ninja.

The winner gets the Chromecast. Entries sent in before April 30th will be judged, so get to it!

If you need tips on how to dress up, have a look at this:

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