Extending VMworld Labs

by Christian Mohn · Read in about 1 min (187 words)

Undoubtedly one of the most popular «features» of VMworld 2010, both in the US and in EU, are the labs. These hands-on exercises in configuring and using various VMware products lets you play around without the need for lab equipment or licenses installed locally. VMworld Labs - Cloud Lane What if VMware extended this to not only run during the VMworld conferences?

Let us get our hands dirty all year round! It’s hard to have a full lab setup in the office, and if we could book time in the VMware Cloud Lane to play around with VMware vCloud™, VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager or even VMware ThinApp™ that would be great!

I’m sure VMware can see the value in providing their customers and partners with hands-on labs for training purposes, as well as being a great showcase for their core «cloud» services as enterprise ready.

While I’m not suggesting they give everyone and their mother lab access 24/7/365, VMware should indeed offer a way for customers and partners to book time and play around.

After all, VMware want us to buy their products and their vision for the cloud, don’t they?