Veeam Vanguard 2015

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Veeam has been “silently” working on their own global influencer program, and the inaugural list of Veeam Vanguards was published today. I am thrilled to be selected amongst the first 31 people awarded this title, it’s quite an exclusive list!

So what’s up with the name? Well, here is one of the definitions of vanguard I found:

 a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.

Sounds rather fitting if you ask me, at least if that’s the rationale behind it. One other definition I found was the “the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force”, which does sound kind of scary. Anyhow, I’m glad to be considered and even more happy that I was selected among the first batch.

For more details, read Veeam’s announcement, or have a look at the Veeam Vanguard Program profile page (Warning, link does contain pictures).

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