Where in the world is VMware Server?

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Over at PlanetVM Wil van Antwerpen posted The Future of VMware Server back in May 2010. Wil makes the argument that it seems like VMware is indeed abandoning VMware Server as a product, leaving us with VMware Workstation and VMware Player as the two Windows installable virtualization solutions from the company.

This has caused some reactions, including my own comment, where I question the smartness of abandoning what might just be one of the best virtualization “gateway drugs” VMware has to offer.

In my opinion, abandoning VMware Server would be a bad move, but re-reading the documentation from VMware and thinking more about the consequences this might have made me realize something;

What if VMware is working on a replacement product or management solution?

I seriously doubt VMware would want to abandon the use case that VMware Server has, even if they do indeed abandon the VMware Server product itself. I don’t have any inside knowledge about this, but lets say that VMware is working on a management framework for VMware Player?

Something that you can install, in addition to VMware Player, that lets you set auto-start parameters for VMs, let them run headless and remotely manage them? Wouldn’t that pretty much allow us to do the same with VMware Player, that we today use VMware Server for?

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

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