Thinapped vSphere Client Updated to V5.0

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The Thinapped vSphere Client has finally been updated to v5.0, and is readily available for download!

Sadly the new version is v5.0 only, and will only allow you to connect to vSphere v5 hosts and since the new release has replaced the old release on the VMware Fling website, you´re out of luck if you haven´t already got the 4.0 version stowed away in your own private locker.

I hope VMware decides to either make the 4.0 version available for download as well, even if 5.0 is the current release, or at least that they create a new download package for 5.0 that also includes the 4.0 and 4.1 versions.

I know this is a fling, and that it´s _unsupporte_d by nature, I really think that this is a good idea, that is if it´s kept current with the vSphere release cycles. If that´s not possible, it should be removed and administrators should be instructed on how to create their own “ThinApped” version. After all, it´s really not that hard to do.

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