VMworld 2018 Europe Day Two

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VMworld Europe 2018 sets a new attendee record 13.000! I have to say, VMworld this year seems energetic, driven and focused. Even if there isn’t a slew of new product releases, it feels like VMware has switched gears. Pat Gelsingers message about the four superpowers, make sense and everything VMware does is aimed at bridging these.

Superpowers #

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • AI/ML

The keynote by Sanjay Poonen on day two continues to drive this message, as well as how we can use technology for good. Robin Matlocks “how do we use our collective talents to ensure we have a better future for everyone“ resonates well, and serves as a great for Martha Lane Fox, the “Dot com dinosaur”. Her talk about the early .com-era and how technology today has a reponsibility to be a force for good was great!

I think our superpower as an industry isn’t constrained to the four powers listed above; it is even simpler than that. Our collective superpower is creating and building techonology that benefits mankind. Bold words yes, but it’s true.

How can we as technologists help? #

Recently I was lucky enough to be the lead architect for the design team that did a complete SDDC deployment for a local health provider. By utilizing vRealize Suite, vSAN and NSX we were able to build a new platform for rapid deployment of machine learning resources for researchers. Once it was up and running, we did a live demo internally that really blew my mind. The researchers uses IoT sensors to measure bodily reactions to activity, and by using machine learning on the live datastream they are able to sense when a subject is in a depressed state. This is coupled with feedback from the subjects as well, via an app on their phone. Hopefully this will also enable them to predict when a subject might be entering a depressed state, and then hopefully also prevent them. The project actually embraces all of the four superpowers; Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and EDGE/IOT.

Hopefully I’ll be able to tell more about that project later, it was a real eyeopener for me and fits into the message VMware pushes here at VMworld. This is the kind of force for good all of us in the tech field can help enable — And we can do it, now.

Headshots-as-a-Service #

Both on day 1 and on day 2 I did the Headshots-as-a-Service thing in the hallway right past the exit of the VMvillage. Turnout was pretty good, and there is quite a few photos now uploaded to the Flickr-album.

Other #

Was mildly coersed to be part of #TechConfessions. Should be interesting to see how that video actually turns out…

Step count: 12k

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