VMworld 2018 Europe Day One

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The keynotes at VMworld Europe are always interesting, mostly because one always wonders what was left to announce from the US equivalent that is earlier in the year. This year there was a good gap between the US version in August, and the European one in November, unlike last year when it was only a couple of weeks, so my hope was that there would be some real new news and announcements in Barcelona.

I won’t run through the announcements, othes have done a way better job of that already (this list will be updated as more things are posted)

Other things to note #

VMware has opened up two new beta programs:

Oh and yeah, VMware just went and aquired Scott Lowe Heptio!

Also, fun to see my employers logo in the keynote by Pat Gelsinger!

Proact logo in the keynote! (Photo by @sbarmen)

After a great day at the Fira, we ended up at the Cohesity party which had an awesome Queen tribute band playing a full concert. Unbelievable.

Step count: 15k

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