VMware Updates Minimum Requirements for vSphere 7 With Kubernetes in VCF

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VMware has updated the requirements for running Kubernetes workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation, and I’m happy to see that the requirements has been scaled down quite a bit.

The news is that it is now supported to enable the Kubernetes Supervisor Control Plane on the management Workload Domain, letting go of the hard requirement of running it in a separate Workload Domain, instead it runs in a Resouce Pool.

This is called a consolidated architecture in VMware Cloud Foundation, and it means that the minumum host requirement has been scaled down from 7 hosts to a minimum of 4 hosts. As the Management Workload Domains principal storage requirement is vSAN, the requirement is a minimum of 4 nodes.

Other requirements are still the same, but this should make it much easier to set up a Proof-of-Concept, or lab environment. It’s even supported for production, although for small environments.

For more details, see the Enabling vSphere with Kubernetes White Paper whitepaper.

This answers some of the critisism I’ve voiced around vSphere 7 With Kubernetes and it’s a welcome step in the right direction

Update 26th May 2020 #

Cormac Hogan has published a detailed walkthrough on how to set it up in vSphere with Kubernetes on VCF 4.0 Consolidated Architecture.

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